Welcome to Manda Deer Park

The Jammu city, which is renowed for its temples also, has distinction of being located very close to a pristine patch of forest protected under J&K Wildlife Protection Act. This protected area of about 10sq kms is known as Ramnagar Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary, considered as a lung for Jammu City, supports a variety of flora and fauna. Many wild animals like Leopard, Wild bear, Nilgai, Porcupine & Red Jungle Fowl etc., can be chanced upon in the sanctuary.

The main attraction of the Ramnagar Wildlife Sanctuary for a visitor, particularly children and student community, is the presence of wild animals kept in semi-wild condition in a part of the sanctuary which is christined as Manda Deer Park. Nature lovers, school children and visitors, from even outside Jammu city throng this park to spend time in the company of wild animals of Manda Deer Park.

Manda Deer Park is located just 2 kms from the main bus stand of Jammu city and 5 kms from Jammu Airport, near Hotel Ashok, Jammu, opposite Hari Singh Palace.

Animals in our Collection

You may not be so lucky to site a wild animal in its natural home because most of the wild animals are shy and elusive. They prefer to stay away from humans. In order to educate our visitors and nature lovers, some wild animals have been kept in semi-wild condition in a large closed area where an attempt has been made to provide them with conditions as close to nature as possible. Nature lovers can watch them and acquaint themselves with the knowledge about their size, behaviour, appearance, feeding habits and threats being faced by these animals in the wild.

Do's and Dont's in Manda Deer Park

Buy entry tickets from Ticket booth at the gate.
Don't carry eatables inside the Park. The polythene bags and tins are harmful for the animals and spoil the surroundings.
Smoking and drinking is strictly prohibited.
Maintain silence and don't disturb or tease the animals.
Some of the animals are nocturnal. They like to rest during daytime, don't disturb them.
Use bins and don't throw litter in the park.
Some wild animals from the sanctuary / jungle may also visit this park. Be vigilant and stay with your children.
Photography is not allowed without proper permission.
Snakes may be present in the area / vegetation. Use proper shoes and be careful.