About Manda Deer Park

The Jammu city, which is renowed for its temples also, has distinction of being located very close to a pristine patch of forest protected under J&K Wildlife Protection Act. This protected area of about 10sq kms is known as Ramnagar Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary, considered as a lung for Jammu City, supports a variety of flora and fauna. Many wild animals like Leopard, Wild bear, Nilgai, Porcupine & Red Jungle Fowl etc., can be chanced upon in the sanctuary.

The main attraction of the Ramnagar Wildlife Sanctuary for a visitor, particularly children and student community, is the presence of wild animals kept in semi-wild condition in a part of the sanctuary which is christined as Manda Deer Park. Nature lovers, school children and visitors, from even outside Jammu city throng this park to spend time in the company of wild animals of Manda Deer Park.

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Wildlife Week Celebrations at Manda

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Animals in Manda

Panthera pardus

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Chukor Partridge

Manda Park

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Nilssonia gangetica


    Nature Interpretation Center

    The department organises various programmes and conducts seminars, debates, painting, and essay competitions to generate awareness among public, particularly school children and youth. These programmes are held in Nature Interpretation Center located in Manda Deer Park.

    Film shows are organised from time to time to show films on Wildlife conservation and Environment. The Department celebrates Wildlife Week from October 2 to 8 every year. Children from various schools are encouraged to participate in various programmes organised during the week. Outstanding children are given prizes and awards. A small library has also been established with good collection of books on wildlife and conservation. Visitors may avail of such facilities.

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